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Listen: Electronic Voice Phenomenon Captured at St. Albans … – Bloody Disgusting

Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe spirits can communicate with the living? Welcome back to DEAD Time. I hope you...

Tom Slemen’s Haunted Wirral: Eerie bedroom invaders – Wirral Globe

WELCOME to Haunted Wirral, a feature series written by world-famous psychic researcher, Tom Slemen for the Globe. This week, tales of the mysterious 'Hat Man' ...  HE appeared one morning in December...

The Ghosts of Christmas City: The spirits of Bethlehem, Pa. – PennLive

Editor’s note: Welcome to “Paranormal PA,” a PennLive series that delves into Pennsylvania-grown stories of spirits, cryptids, oddities and legends, and the unexplained. Sign...

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