Children and Ghosts

Many times when I am contacted by someone having a Paranormal situation I am informed that their child or children are playing with invisible friends and that they talk to things that are not there. People want to understand why their children are doing this.

Are they psychic?

Maybe sensitive?

Yes and No, They are open. 

To a child, anything is possible. Everything is real. Santa still comes down the chimney ever Christmas and the Easter Bunny still comes and brings them baskets every Easter. To a child, anything and everything is possible. They do see more then most for this fact. They have not been conditioned by society yet as to what is real and what is not. Over years they will be told, “Stop playing with your pretend friend Bobby” and this helps close them off to what they experience. We have done some investigations into this and the conclusions are outstanding. 

On familys who have always believed in the idea that there are spirits and other things out there that we can not see. These people seem to be more accepting of their children playing with invisible friends and they do not try to change the child’s ideas. It seems that more and more sensitives are being brought into this world by these people. They are being allowed to grow without being told what they saw as a child was not real so, in return being able to see these things as they did when they were children.

On the other side of this are the families who do not give their children a chance. They have a closed mind and they refuse to let the child be open. In return telling the child that they should not play with something or someone who is not really there. 

“Billy stop playing with nothing”

“Tammy there is nothing there so stop it”

This is how the child stops believing in anything being possible. More sensitives come from families that have open minds then those who do not.

Have you helped your child become and open minded person or a close minded person?

Jason Hawes