Steve Gonsalves

For nearly 2 decades Steve Gonsalves has been appearing weekly on television sets across the world and has become best known for starring in Syfy channels hit shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters Live and Ghost Hunters Academy. Steve has also been a featured guest on numerous internationally syndicated television such as The View, Fox and Friends, Steve Harvey, Larry King, Fox News and Katie Couric. 

Steve started his work in paranormal studies at a very young age and is well educated in the field, at one point working closely with famed investigator and paranormal pioneer Dr. William G Roll at The Rhine Research Center. Steve started his own team and shortly after joined forces with Jason Hawes and The Atlantic Paranormal Society as a lead investigator.
Steve and his fellow cast mates, helped pave the way for a worldwide paranormal boom credited to the success of their show Ghost Hunters.

Steve continues his work alongside Jason Hawes and Dave Tango in the upcoming series “Ghost Nation” for Travel Channel.