This page is and always will be dedicated to Chris Angelo, A fallen TAPS team member.

We all remember Chris Angelo in different ways, Either him making us all laugh at our T.A.P.S weekly meetings or him watching everyone’s backs on an investigation.
Chris joined TAPS in 2001 and was a very close friend with \’T.A.P.S Founder\’ Jason Hawes. Chris was a strong believer in the afterlife. Being in T.A.P.S does not just make you an investigator, it makes you a part of every member’s family.

We miss and love you Chris!


It’s been a Hell of a ride and You should have been here with me for it! 
You promised me that you’d Haunt me. I’m still waiting my friend!
I miss our talks on my back Porch, Working on Cars together and investigating with you!
Love you Brother.