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Jason Hawes


Types of Human Hauntings

Intelligent The spirit of a once living human, complete with personality and understanding.Identification:- The activity reacts to changes in the environment. Meaning if you decide...

Schizophrenia or Psychic abilities?

Over the years, Science and the Medical have made great strides in advancements.  But with advancements come mistakes and oversights on certain issues. One child dealing...

The Underworld Exposed

If you read the definition of Demonologist it states:Demonologist: The study of Demons or of beliefs about Demons.Belief in Demons.A Group of Persons or things regarded...

Children and Ghosts

Many times when I am contacted by someone having a Paranormal situation I am informed that their child or children are playing with invisible...

Good Vs. Evil

One of the first questions people ask themselves when they are confronted with paranormal activity is “Is it good or evil?”.Subconciously and often too...

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