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Welcome to The Atlantic Paranormal Society


The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). TAPS was founded in 1990 by Jason Hawes with the sole purpose of helping those experiencing paranormal activity by investigating its claims in a professional and confidential manner, and using the latest in paranormal research equipment and techniques. TAPS brings decades of experience in investigating with its pioneering equipment and techniques that has changed the field of paranormal investigating.

Please use any of the above links to find info on TAPS. If you need help, please click the “Request Help” link or use the TAPS Family Website Help Form to locate a particular TAPS Family team to assist you.

The TAPS Family

The TAPS Family is a global resource list of elite paranormal research teams that are ready to help! Hand-chosen by TAPS Family staff, these teams meet a strong set of requirements that meet the expectations of TAPS and the TAPS Family. Find out more by locating a TAPS Family team near you!

T.A.P.S, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators

We are Paranormal Investigators, Not Ghost Hunters
Investigating, Documenting and Educating on Paranormal activity is our main focus.
Paranormal activity does not need a Ghost and or a Haunting to be labeled Paranormal.
The word Para-Normal, Means above the normal of what we are aware of at this time.

Through the hit show that started the craze, Ghost HuntersT.A.P.S has been able to bring there knowledge and professionalism to the homes of millions of viewers. Making the Paranormal an openly talked about subject and a more respectable field.

TAPS receives THOUSANDS of case requests daily and over 90,000,000 hits annually, They are only able to get to a handful of those request personaly year by year. If you would like to have your home/business televised on an episode of Ghosthunters please click the icon below and fill out the form in complete detail.

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    Cleve R. Wootson Jr., The Washington Post Over the past decade, Americans have soured on artificial sweeteners. Once heralded as sweet substitutes for sugar without as many belt-busting calories, people couldn’t get enough sucralose and aspartame. But recently, people have started looking at the molecules with increasing suspicion, amid studies that linked them to increased …

    - jchawes

    Amy B Wang, The Washington Post Jude Sparks was out on a family hike in the desert near Las Cruces, New Mexico, testing walkie-talkies, when the then-9-year-old boy tripped over a rocky protrusion. When Jude got up again, he examined what appeared to be two large, fossilised teeth jutting out from the terrain. Farther up, …

    - jchawes

    David Nield Lab-grown livers could be saving lives much sooner than previously thought, thanks to new research, by providing some key functions of the organ without being a complete replacement. That would mean these artificially engineered organs could prop up a failing liver or help those waiting for a transplant to hold out until a …

    - jchawes

    David Nield You might have trouble getting strong Wi-Fi into your attic room but connecting the wider cosmos is on a whole different level – and one expert says it could take 300,000 years to hook up the whole of the Milky Way. Instead of stretching cables from planet to planet we could flash light …

    - jchawes

    Gemma Conroy For the first time in 130 years, researchers have discovered a new species of sunfish that has escaped taxonomy records for almost three centuries. The bizarre new species has been named the Hoodwinker sunfish (Mola tecta), and has been found in the cold waters of New Zealand, southern Chile, South Africa and the …

    - jchawes

    The new train has acquired a rather ridiculous name. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 James nlwiki A recent poll in Sweden has shown, once again, why asking the public to name anything is a bad idea. When intercity railway operator MTR Express opened up the naming of its new express train to the public vote …

    - jchawes

    The latest in a sporadic series of monster sightings on Lake Norman has appeared on a website called A 35-year-old Mecklenburg County man told CryptoZoology he spotted the “dinosaur-like creature” Saturday morning, while traveling on a boat with friends. The man described the creature as “splashing around in the water,” 10-feet-long and reminiscent of …

    - jchawes

    A 35-year-old man from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina has reportedly spotted a “dinosaur-like, creature in a man-made lake. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, reported his findings to, a website that reports on strange occurences.  LOCH NESS MONSTER SPOTTED? TOURISTS’ PHOTO SPARKS DEBATE “I was on a boat with my friends,” the man …

    Last week Rob Lowe claimed to have seen Bigfoot while filming a docuseries and says that he feared for his life during the encounter. While it may seem bizarre that an otherwise sane person is making these claims, he is far from the first celebrity to do so.  In fact, we decided to do a …

    - jchawes

    It’s not just the Loch Ness monster; from Scotland to the Amazon, fisherman, sailors and coastal dwellers have long reported strange animals in the water. But what if some of these sightings are more than just stories? The Pacific Northwest is particularly known for sea monsters, largely because of the continuity of stories about unidentified …