Why did the team do Ghost Nation and not the Ghost Hunters reboot?

The show Ghost Hunters was about T.A.P.S.
T.A.P.S is a group that existed for 15 years before the Television series.
T.A.P.S was not cast to make a television show, The show was built around the T.A.P.S Organization and featured their goal of truly helping those in need.

Jason Hawes was initially asked to take the Helm on the
20 episode reboot order of Ghost Hunters.
Jason chose to turn down the offer after finding that the production company wanted to do a casting call for investigators instead of having the original team.
After Jasons decision to decline the 20 episode reboot, the Production company reached out to Grant Wilson.
Grant chose to accept these conditions and appear on the reboot.

Jason felt the show should not be casted or be about one person above others.
He felt that the existing team was a true family to one another and they were people that really investigated the Paranormal field, Not just for TV purposes. 

Jason felt the new direction they wanted wasn’t right for him or the T.A.P.S organization and chose to move on.

Jason Hawes, Stephen Gonsalves and David Tango decided it was time to come back to television with their style, rules, honesty and beliefs. 
Also wanting to showcase all those involved in the field of Paranormal studies and to show that the field is much larger than T.A.P.S.

Ghost Nation has been shattering ratings records for the Travel Channel since first airing.
The show is about all those involved in the field of Paranormal studies.
Showing what goes into a full investigation.
The researching, the revelations, the investigation and the findings.
Every investigation is a puzzle with many pieces.
Ghost Nation shows how the puzzle goes together.

About T.A.P.S

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S)
T.A.P.S was known as the Organization behind the original hit show Ghost Hunters.
Since then they have created another hit show.

Ghost Nation first premiered October 11th 2019 on Travel Channel and quickly shattered all viewership records for the Network.

T.A.P.S was around before Television fame and will be long after.
T.A.P.S is the most visited Paranormal site in the World.
Founded in 1990 by Jason Hawes with the sole purpose of helping those experiencing paranormal activity and investigating claims professionally and confidentially all while implementing the latest in paranormal research equipment and techniques.

T.A.P.S brings decades of experience in investigating with its pioneering of equipment and techniques that has changed the field of paranormal investigating forever.

All research and investigations are performed free of charge.

All Articles, Resources & links on this site are here to assist Researchers and Investigators.

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