This woman from Florida claims to have concrete video evidence of a UFO sighting!


Chivonne, a woman who has a large following on social media, claimed that she has proof that a UFO was hovering over Florida on November 13. She shared a video of the alleged incident.

In the video, Chivonne can be seen saying that it’s a “f**king UFO.” She also posted several photos of what she claimed were the objects in the sky. She claims that there is proof of a UFO hovering over Orlando.

It’s not clear if the UFO was real or if it was a hoax, but if the object was spotted over a major metropolitan area, would people in the area react immediately?

Fighter jets from Eglin or MacDill could be dispatched to the area in just a couple of minutes. Since the government doesn’t play around with potential threats in the sky, there would have been helicopters and planes dispatched if the object was actually a UFO.

What could have been the object that was flying in the sky? It could be a light show that appeared in a pattern- Also, if you were to look at the object, you would have noticed that it didn’t appear to move.

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