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Notably, and shamelessly, I am most excited about the April 10-18, 2023 Myths and Lore tour in the South of France. I will be joining this trip as we venture into the Perigord Noir, a black forest that is France’s paranormal epicenter where French witchcraft was born, ghost stories abound, and the infamous Beast of Gevaudan rampaged. On this tour, guests will visit the most beautiful region of France, ghost hunt in a medieval castle haunted by a White Lady, and explore the lore of Gevaudan, witches & fairies. And along the way they will also encounter real wolves! There will also, of course, be wine tastings during what is largely considered the best time to visit the country.

This is a trip for the adventurer who craves a unique experience and wishes to go beyond what most travelers see in France, cultivated by travel experts and paranormal professionals.

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Shudder’s Creepshow: From Script to Scream

Shudder’s Creepshow: From Script to Scream


This book is so friggin’ sweet. Sorry, let me step back. Shudder’s horror-comedy anthology Creepshow is a constant gift to horror fans, and is a valentine to George A. Romero from his student Greg Nicotero. The Walking Dead director/producer/effects guru also helms Creepshow, and in this gorgeous behind the scenes coffee table book — which he recently spoke about on my Talking Strange paranormal pop culture show, available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts — Nicotero and author Dennis L. Prince dive deep into the show’s origins, production, and effects.

Yet it also pays tribute to Romero’s legacy as a filmmaker, and the 1982 Creepshow film he made with Stephen King. Along with seemingly endless BTS photos and an insider look at the monsters on the show (vampires! werewolves! mummies! aliens!), there are new comic art chapter openings, an Easter egg guide, a foreword by King, and an afterword by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. This gift is really a thing of scary beauty that will be treasured by the horror and paranormal fan in your life. 

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