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The Cryptid Factor: Actor Rhys Darby, author Dan Schreiber, and Leon “Buttons” Kirkbeck are three buddies who (sporadically, for about 14 years) gather together to discuss and joke about, you guessed it, cryptids. Ranging from Nessie to Bigfoot, the show also veers into UFO territory and weird news. 

Bigfoot Collectors Club: Actors and paranormal enthusiasts Michael McMillian (True Blood), Bryce Johnson (Expedition Bigfoot), and rockstar Riley Bray (Spindrift) chat with guests, and generally goof off about their personal paranormal history — and then occasionally do incredible deep dives into high strangeness.

When you want to hear about strange locations, haunted history, and lore

Haunted Road with Amy Bruni: Host Amy Bruni, from the paranormal series Kindred Spirits, takes listeners on a tour of haunted locations and blends history with stories by those who have had strange experiences at them.

New England Legends: In this easily digestible, award-winning podcast, author and historian Jeff Belanger and radio host Ray Auger explore the ghosts, monsters, folklore, history, and legends of New England. The show also has a supplemental app with a “Legendary Locator” that allows users to find local haunts, get directions to them while listening to the episodes, and even record and submit their own experiences.

The Haunted Objects Podcast: Paranormal researchers Greg and Dana Newkirk, from Amazon Prime’s Hellier series, focus on the origins and purported phenomena associated with specific artifacts. And though this newer show has “haunted” in the title, they likewise dig into UFO evidence.

When you want to hear a scary story

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked: Glynn Washington hosts this show featuring true supernatural stories that include phenomena beyond ghosts, but also encounters with monsters from around the world.

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