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Ghost-hunters say they saw a “tall, black thing” running across an east Hull cemetery “known for paranormal activity”.

Lee and Linzi Steer have amassed a huge following on social media for their paranormal investigations. Now, with Halloween fast approaching, they have been talking about their most frightening experiences around Hull.

They claim to have captured a “poltergeist” at the Lord Line building, and seen “dolls swinging” at a house off Beverley Road. Other spooky locations they highlight include an old funeral parlour and a bridge haunted by a “white lady”.

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Lee and Linzi are investigators of all things paranormal, with 25 years of experience. Their success has seen them live stream ghost hunts to the world, as well as opening a haunted object museum in Rotherham.

“Hull is our second home and we investigate it a hell of a lot. It has so much history, with plenty of old buildings, and it is by far one of the country’s most haunted cities, alongside Sheffield and York.”

The cemetery near the prison
The cemetery near the prison

‘Something intelligent’ in cemetery

They claim one of the city’s most haunted places is the Hedon Road Cemetery, next to HMP Hull. The site dates back to Victorian times and features a gothic disused crematorium and an unusual columbarium, which to the modern eye may well appear to fit the idea of a “creepy” graveyard.

“We’ve been there at night and seen this figure, a tall, black thing that ran across the cemetery,” they said. “We know that a lot of people have experienced paranormal activity there.

“One person told us about how her dog, that was usually very mild-mannered, went crazy in there, barking at nothing. The dog didn’t calm down until the owner had brought it out of the cemetery.

“We believe that there is something intelligent there, as it has acted on command for us before.”

Lord Line ‘poltergeist’

The abandoned Lord Line building, which towers above Hull’s former face dock, is another of the city’s most haunted spots, according to the Steers. The near-ruined landmark, built in 1949, is sadly a desolate sight, both inside and out, but suggestions it harbours ghosts have only emerged in the past few years.

“This place is very, very creepy at night. We’ve captured a poltergeist there before, and have seen rocks thrown and recorded temperature changes,” they said.

“It’s very weird in there – you always feel like you’re being watched, and that you could get lost very easily. We found a pentacle drawn on the floor in there once, suggesting that someone had been practicing dark magic – bizarre. We even heard a voice very clearly saying ‘Dereck Murphy stabbed’.”

Funeral parlour and ‘white lady’

The Steers say they haven’t had a chance to visit the gothic Annison Funeral Parlour, but are impressed by the number of reports of hauntings. “The building has got a grisly history of murder and a woman called Mary is believed to haunt it,” they said.

“It’s always a talking point in Hull and it deserves to be mentioned. We really want to investigate it ourselves.”

The building is certainly an evocative location, though the body of Mary, who was murdered in 1891, was actually found several miles away in Marfleet. It is thought she visited a photographer studio, within the building, earlier in the day.

The Steers also highlighted the “White Lady Bridge”, within the old “Seven Alleys” of east Hull. Here, on the disused Hull to Withernsea railway line, children were dared to say, “white lady, white lady, I stole your baby”. Supposedly, she would then appear and follow the speaker in search of her lost child.

“The White Lady Bridge is arguably Hull’s most haunted location, with people seeing a white lady on the bridge, either jumping off or screaming,” the Steers said. “The story says that the lady hung herself at the bridge after a man drowned her baby there.

“We’ve had loads of people come up to us while we’re down there and say ‘you’re looking for the ghost, aren’t you?’ We captured the most incredible voice at the bridge, and it will stick with me forever.”

According to the Steers, a house in De Grey Street, off Beverley Road, is “classed as the third most haunted house in the UK”. “We’ve been there many times and caught things moving, doors closing, and dolls swinging. It’s home to a wide variety of spirits – it looks abandoned, but it’s full of haunted artefacts,” they said.

“A man haunts the house, growling and scratching people. We heard a voice in the attic once very clearly telling our colleague to ‘take your hat off’, twice.”

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these intriguing tales form part of Hull’s modern folklore. And it’s probably fair to say few would want to spend too much time in these locations after dark!

Find out more about Lee and Linzi Steer on their Facebook page.


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