Seattle Sasquatch Convention and Town Hall Meeting 6-8-19


A conference hosted by Monster X Radio with a North American Indian cultural component.
Meet the Monster X Team! Shane Corson of The Olympic Project, Gunnar Monson, Craig Yahne with His Pacific North West Sasquatch Sasquatch Investigations, Julie Rench with North Carolina vocalizations and Thomas Sewid with Peggy Seaview of Sasquatch Island.
Other speakers as well!
There will be First Nations performers, speakers on Sasquatch and vender tables.
A kids Indian legend performance will be held during late morning.


Monster X Radio

Event Website:

Date of Event:

Saturday, 8 June, 2019

Time of Event:

10 AM – 6 PM PDT

Ticket Price:

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center 5011 Bernie Whitebear Way, Seattle, Washington 98199

City and State:

Seattle, Washington

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