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TWO ghost hunters from Bournemouth and a former member of S Club 7 are to search for paranormal activity in one of the most haunted woods in the country this weekend – during a full moon. 

Ghost hunter Amir Jardan and psychic Madonna Viviani will join “very good friend” pop star Paul Cattermole in Grovely Wood, south Wiltshire, tonight as they hunt for paranormal activity. 

Ahead of the hunt, starting at around 1am on Sunday morning, Amir said: “Paul has seen a lot of our stuff last year after we went viral on LadBible. 

Bournemouth Echo:

“So we are going with our cameraman Gary Rogers, from Birmingham, who has filmed for Netflix, including Rise of the Footsoldiers. 

“Madonna is a psychic and she’s very well-known in Bournemouth and Dorset –0 she’s very good at communicating with the dead.  

“We will stay in the witch’s tree, about a 45-minute walk into the forest. It’s very spooky.” 

Amir, a regular to ghost hunts, said he doesn’t get scared when he is out wandering the woods in the early hours of the morning. 

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“I get so buzzed by it,” he said. “If I’m watching a scary ghost movie and something happens, I want to watch a horror film afterwards. I get adrenaline from it. 

“I’ve grown up with it and I’ve got a book that’s out about my experiences.” 

Amir, Madonna, Paul and Gary will arrive at the woods, known to be Wiltshire’s most haunted woods, and will set up a candle and a Ouija board and they will try and film a ghost. 

He added: “The cameras and equipment we have got are worth nearly £60,000. We’ll try and get some serious footage. It should be fun. 

“[S Club 7’s] Paul is very into it. He has his own tarot cards and his own YouTube channel. He’s very spiritual.” 

Amir will likely livestream his night in the woods via his Facebook page before uploading a video of the night to his YouTube title, both titled with his name. 

He said he hopes to turn the adventures into a TV series documenting himself as he does all around the world in search of ghosts and paranormal activity. 

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