Passengers Spot Unidentified Objects During Approach to Boston Landing

UFOs filmed from a plane over Boston
UFOs filmed from a plane over Boston

A recent UFO sighting has left passengers and aviation enthusiasts alike scratching their heads. On February 9th, 2023, passengers aboard Jet Blue flight B6 178 witnessed a series of strange glowing orbs while approaching Boston for landing. One passenger, who captured the footage on their iPhone 12 Pro Max, shared their experience on Reddit.

The witness reported that they were unsure of the exact location of the flight at the time of the sighting, but believed it occurred approximately 30-45 minutes prior to landing. The video timestamp indicated that it was 7:53 PM, although this was likely in Vegas time as the phone had not yet switched back to east coast time due to being in airplane mode. The orbs were first spotted by the passenger’s friend who was seated in the window seat, and they appeared to be unusually close together, causing concern for the safety of the plane.

Upon reviewing the footage, the orbs appeared to be glowing orange with a yellow or white outer layer. The objects also seemed to change shape, almost like a liquid. The witness noted that they wished they had zoomed in more at the time of filming, but had forgotten about the sighting until they recently stumbled upon the footage on their phone.

The witness was eager for someone to enhance the video to see if more detail could be pulled from the footage. While the format of the video is unknown, the witness offered to send the footage to anyone willing to assist in analyzing it.

UFO sightings are not uncommon, and often there are explanations for what witnesses report as strange objects in the sky. However, in this instance, the orbs’ behavior and the proximity to the plane have raised questions and sparked curiosity among those interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

It’s worth noting that aviation authorities take UFO sightings seriously, and they investigate any sightings that may pose a potential threat to air traffic safety. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) even has a protocol for pilots to follow when encountering UFOs, and they encourage pilots to report any sightings they have.

While this particular sighting may remain a mystery, it serves as a reminder that there is still so much we do not understand about our world and the universe beyond it. Perhaps further analysis of the footage will provide some answers, or maybe it will leave us with even more questions. Either way, the curiosity and wonder that comes with sightings like this are part of what makes life on this planet so fascinating.

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