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A mum was scared to be in her own home after she spotted a ghostly figure emerge in a photo of her daughter.

Vikki Booth, of Meadow Crescent, Upper Halling, has tried to solve the mystery of a caped figure appearing in her home for the past few weeks.

Ghost on the left hand side of the photo in a screenshot while they were having a facetime call

The potential haunting started when she video called her daughter Kayleigh Anne at home, while she was at work at Big Motoring World, Blue Bell Hill, near Chatham.

The 14-year-old and her baby sister were in the bathroom and Miss Booth took a screenshot as she thought they looked cute.

She said: “It wasn’t until later when I thought ‘what is that’?

“It looked like a mask from the movie Scream was floating behind her.

“There are two mirrors, one in the bathroom and one on the wall behind her, so there is no way it was a coat or anything hanging up.”

Vikki Booth is convinced her home is haunted after spotting a ghoul in a mirror selfie

Miss Booth’s two older children were in the house at the time but neither were involved.

She asked for advice on a paranormal activity forum. They sharpened the image and said they were convinced it was a ghost.

Miss Booth added: “Strange things kept happening. There were flickering light bulbs, my daughter’s electric toy started talking but we didn’t touch it.

“I tried to recreate the photo to see if it was the lighting or shadows but it wasn’t, then suddenly there was a loud bang.

“I ran downstairs to find my youngest daughter was waving at somebody, but no one was there.

Vikki Booth is convinced her home is haunted after spotting a ghoul in a mirror selfie

“I know it’s Halloween and that people won’t believe me, but I know what I saw.

“I showed a medium the picture but she said she didn’t deal with hauntings.”

Miss Booth and KentOnline contacted spiritualist churches but received no response.

This week the paranormal activities have stopped.

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