Multiple UFOs filmed over Austin, Texas 12-Nov-2022


On November 12, 2022, residents of Austin, Texas, saw and recorded the appearance of mysterious lights in the sky. The state capital is located in an inland region bordering the Hill Country.

Witness report: Eight shooting Stars shooting down position from exiting portal or more come dripping out of portal. Driving to the store me and my girlfriend saw portal open and shooting stars came out in a down position dripping fire ( trails) one after after another then another alot of them came dripping out they had orange yellow fire like effect. Moving up down left right blinking off and on abruptly changing directions and disappearing and reappearing landing very quickly at least two of them some got close but did not land . They were looking for something on the ground and they were quick to land and look with no fear of anything like they owned the place just doing what they want Two of the stars combined together in mid air in front of me and broke away from the group and disappear in front of me a few seconds later after joining together. They were just so many to keep up with it made me scared nausea’s confused I have video and a one picture I have proof this happened.

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