Most Incredible UFO Footage Analyzed


The Contact team have traveled the world to gather UFO footage and talk to witnesses about their encounters. The footage they have collected is stunning and has been analyzed using sophisticated software to determine its authenticity.

One piece of footage, captured in Rio Blanco, showed an object moving at a high speed and maintaining a general shape. The team used motion analysis software to track the object’s movement and found that the motion vectors were consistent with the object’s predicted path. This level of detail and accuracy would be difficult to fake, leading the team to conclude that the footage is authentic.

Another piece of footage was captured by a medical doctor in Phoenix, who saw a formation of six lights in the sky. The doctor captured video of the lights, which appeared to be attached to something, and over 10,000 people reported seeing the same sighting. Despite multiple sightings over several years, there has been no official explanation from the military or government.

The Contact team continues to search for and analyze UFO footage, hoping to shed light on the mysterious and unexplained phenomenon.

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