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Senator Marc Rubio

As the number of UFO sightings increases, members of Congress have started looking into the matter. They believe that the government should investigate these reports seriously.

Several high-profile individuals, such as US Senator Marco Rubio, have also started speaking out about the increasing number of UFO sightings.

Due to the increasing number of UFO sightings, politicians in the US have started talking about the phenomenon more.

A year ago, the Pentagon released a report about 144 incidents of UAP sightings. The report noted that some of these were close calls for military pilots.

During the time that the report was released, Senator Marco Rubio was able to receive a sneak peek of it. According to the report, alien life is not necessarily a threat to the country, but UFOs pose a significant security concern.

In a statement, the Senator noted that the reports of encounters with unidentified flying objects have been coming from members of the US military.

Despite the negative stigma attached to the phenomenon, the government should still investigate these reports seriously.

The report, which was released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, looked into 144 incidents involving what the government considers to be an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Investigators were only able to explain one of the 144 incidents. The case was reportedly caused by airborne clutter.

The report also stated that there was no evidence suggesting that the sightings were related to extraterrestrial life or a technological advancement carried out by a foreign nation.

A senior official from the US government noted that there is no evidence suggesting that alien life exists in the 144 reported cases. However, the government will still look into these reports.

The increasing number of UFO sightings has raised concerns about the country’s vulnerability to foreign espionage. This is because the objects could be used by hostile forces to acquire information.

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Due to the lack of information regarding the nature of the incidents, Senator Marco Rubio called for the government to take the situation seriously. Last year, he told CBS 60 Minutes that the government should allocate more resources to investigate these reports.

During his interview, Senator Marco Rubio said that the government should establish a process that will allow it to analyze the data collected regarding the incidents. He also suggested that a dedicated facility should be established to analyze the data.

The efforts of Senator Marco Rubio were rewarded recently after his amendment regarding the establishment of a dedicated facility for analyzing the data related to the UFO sightings was included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022.

The amendment provided that government employees would no longer be required to follow a strict process when reporting encounters with unidentified flying objects. In a statement, the Senator noted that the establishment of a dedicated facility for analyzing the data related to the UFO sightings would allow the government to get the necessary resources to investigate these reports.

The Senator noted that the amendment was also aimed at maintaining the transparency of the reports related to the incidents. It allows the government to continue unclassified reporting of these sightings.

The amendment was reportedly successful, as a classified report revealed that there were over 150 reported sightings of unidentified flying objects during the previous year.

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Daily Mail reporter Josh Boswell claimed that many of the people who reported these incidents don’t know what they’re talking about.

According to Josh, many of the people who reported these incidents don’t know what they’re talking about due to the strange nature of the objects they saw. He also noted that the objects were moving in ways that they didn’t understand.

Reports about the incidents include footage taken by Reaper drones during a surveillance operation in the Middle East. They allegedly captured “orbs” flying around before suddenly bolting from the screen.

The classified report also noted that some of the incidents were reported as the work of Chinese intelligence. For instance, Chinese agents reportedly used drones to study the training of US military pilots.

Other theories have also been presented, such as weather balloons and radar systems that allegedly showed objects that didn’t exist. However, officials noted that other cases still remain unexplained.

This comes after a US congressman claimed that the upcoming report on the UFO sightings will be a whitewash. He also noted that the government is still incapable of handling the issue of alien visitors.

An expert noted that the UFO phenomenon could still gain political traction even after the next election in 2022.

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