Harvard professor on UFO sighting study: “I am significantly intrigued”



NASA has enlisted the help of 16 experts to look into UFO sightings. Some of them include journalists, computer science experts, and astronomy experts. Also, Scott Kelly, an astronaut who holds the record for most days in space, is part of the group.

Avi Loeb, a science professor at Harvard, said that despite the stigma attached to UFOs, it’s time for scientists to start looking into these mysterious objects.

Last year, he established the Galileo Project, which aims to collect data related to the hundreds of alleged sightings of extraterrestrial objects. The team will start analyzing the data on Monday.

According to him, it’s the government’s duty to ask scientists to help investigate these alleged sightings. If they find that the objects are natural or human-made, then they will stop looking for them. However, if they find that the objects are alien, then it will be very exciting.

Science is based on evidence, and it’s important that the scientists get the necessary data to confirm if the objects are alien or natural.

When asked if he believes there’s life out there, he said that he’s interested in learning more about the possibility of intelligent life.

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