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Chilling footage shows the ‘ghost of a soldier’ sat quietly on a bench next to a war memorial – appearing to be completely see-through. Josh Newton and friend George Moore, both 21, were driving through Northam, North Devon, on the way to a rented house where they were staying with Josh’s family.

However, as Josh took his phone out to film the statue on the WWI and WWII memorial, the engineer was in for a shock when he spotted what appeared to be the ‘misty figure’ of a man sitting on a bench. The spooky video shows the clear outline of a translucent body sat down and staring nonchalantly straight ahead.

Josh, from Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, admits he was a paranormal sceptic but claims that seeing the ghostly figure has ‘changed his perspective’ when it comes to spirits and converted him into a believer. The Northam War Memorial’s inscription bears the names of soldiers lost between 1914 and 1919 and between 1939 and 1945.

The ghost sat on the bench and the war memorial
The ghost sat on the bench and the war memorial

Josh said: “It looked like a really misty figure. It was clear. It was like someone [was] literally sitting there. It was definitely a male figure so it very well could have been the ghost of a soldier.

“As I adjusted my eyes to look a bit closer, it vanished. It was on my left, and then completely gone. It was weird. As we went round the corner, it just disappeared. I 100% feel like it was a ghost. It was clear as day to the naked eye.

“I was shocked. I looked and I didn’t know what I saw. And then I looked at the video and I thought no, something was there and now it’s just gone. I didn’t believe in the paranormal, but I do now. It’s changed my perspective. It’s converted me.”

The ghost sat on the bench and the war memorial
The ghost sat on the bench and the war memorial

Immediately after the sighting, the two lads turned the car back around to investigate. However, by the time they returned to the spooky scene, the bench was empty and there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Josh claims that the video has been a hit with fellow sceptical family members and friends, who swear that the footage is ‘like nothing they’d seen before’. Josh said: “There was nobody around, it was just me and George. I’m glad I got it on film, because nobody would have believed me [otherwise].

“My family couldn’t believe it. They said it was like nothing they’d seen before. Some of my family are sceptics, some of them believe [in ghosts] and some of them don’t, but it sort of finalised that for them. It converted my sceptical families and friends.”

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