David Tango

Dave Tango is best known as an investigator and tech manager on Syfy Channel’s hit show Ghost Hunters. Dave also co-starred with Steve in the hit show Ghost Hunters Academy, where he used his knowledge of gadgets, techniques, and love of experimentation to help the cadets strive for a potential spot on the TAPS team.  

Dave – better known as Tango – has been investigating the paranormal since childhood. He was first inspired by the unexplained encounters his father experienced while working as a police officer. 

At the age of 19, Tango joined the group TAPS, where he was taught by the best, and he’s yet to look back.  Tango’s ghost-hunting philosophy is to never be afraid to try new techniques, and always experiment in the field. Aside from anticipating his next authentic supernatural experience, Tango gets a rush from finding logical answers to the seemingly illogical questions of the paranormal.
Tango always enjoys a good challenge too. Knowing this, Steve famously bets Dave to do some of the strangest things possible during their investigations. This attribute of Dave’s is one of the many reasons audiences love him. His genuineness, curiosity, and positivity bring audiences even closer to the TV screen. There’s always something a viewer can relate to with Tango, and together, he and Steve radiate a warmth and authenticity unmatched anywhere else on TV. Dave is not an act, and the audience undoubtedly notices and loves this about him. It’s also what has made him one of the leading paranormal experts in the world.