5 Paranormal Cases Investigated By Ed and Lorraine Warren


Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Ed and Lorraine Warren are the owners of the occult museum and are also the world’s most popular paranormal investigators. They have solved many cases together and some well-known films are based on their work and cases. To know more let’s find out about the cases they’ve solved, so let’s start.

So let’s look at the 5 cases solved by Ed and Lorraine Warren!

1. The Perron Family

5 Paranormal Cases Investigated By Ed and Lorraine Warren

The film “The Conjuring” is based upon the story of this Perron Family which consisted of Carolyn and Roger Perron and their five daughters. They moved into a house in Harrisville in Rhode Island without knowing about its insidious past. The house was haunted by the spirit of Bathsheba Thayer who was claimed as a Satanist who killed her children. She possessed Carolyn and then in 1974, The Warrens were called for help and eventually, they rescued her.

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2. The Amityville Case

This case has been a famous case for The Warrens and it was about the Lutz family who moved into a house in Amityville in the year 1975. Before that this house was a site of mass murder where Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his six family members. The family started having strange experiences and then The Warrens came to their rescue.


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