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A renowned ghost hunter has claimed the Jenny Wren in Calne is one of the top three most haunted pubs in the UK.

Tony Ferguson, who has almost 250,000 TikTok followers, visited the pub twice at the request of the former landlady in 2019 to investigate paranormal activity.

The owners and regulars had reported a number of spooky experiences including the sound of children, an unexplained scent of perfume and sightings of a mysterious figure.

Mr Ferguson says he entered the investigation with a sceptical mind but could not explain what he experienced during the nights he spent at the pub.

He said: “We were called to investigate because the owners were experiencing a lot of paranormal activity. They were hearing children and people in the pub had seen the figure of a gentleman.

“We had so much activity on the night. Our devices were going off and there were strange anomalies like orbs which were moving and even shape-shifting.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Mr Ferguson says he captured evidence of orbs in the pub.Mr Ferguson says he captured evidence of orbs in the pub. (Image: Tony Ferguson)

“We were able to verify many of their experiences. To go to a location twice and get activity both times is amazing, it is easily in my top three most haunted pubs.”

Mr Ferguson claims he heard children laughing and other unexplained noises. He believes there is a sinister presence in the pub and says a male voice warned him to “leave, get out, go”. 

During a vigil with a ouija board Mr Ferguson says that something threatened to hurt people in the pub. He has suggested that this presence could be a previous owner of the pub.

At one point during the investigation one of his fellow investigators started acting so strangely he had to be removed.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Mr Ferguson believes he experienced the paranormal at the Jenny Wren.Mr Ferguson believes he experienced the paranormal at the Jenny Wren. (Image: Tony Ferguson)

Mr Ferguson is a personal trainer from the New Forest but has been investigating the paranormal in his spare time for 13 years. He says he tries to visit around two potentially haunted locations a month but does not normally encounter such conclusive evidence.

He added: “I am quite sceptical about people’s claims until I experience them for myself. This was a very interesting night indeed.

“It is very rare to go to a location and get activity both times. Some places you go and get absolutely nothing.”

The pub is currently available to let and has been shut for several months. Its most recent owners are not convinced by Mr Ferguson’s claims.

A spokesperson said: “I can’t believe it’s anywhere near the most haunted. There are many really haunted pubs within not many miles.”

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