Southeast Sophomore Will Be Featured On An Episode Of A&E’s “Ghost Hunters” This Month – KRCU


Southeast sophomore Caryssa Kennelly will get her 15 minutes of fame when she appears on an episode of A&E’s “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

In the episode, Kennelly will speak about some of the experiences she has had with paranormal activity inside the restaurant she works at in Okawville, Illinois.

“I’m actually explaining one of my experiences working at the restaurant with one of the entities that you’re going to see in the building,” Kennelly said.

One of the stories Kennelly told producers about was a ghost encounter.

“So, we have an entity in my work that we call the ‘Lady in White,’ and we believe that she is one of the previous owners that lingers around,” Kennelly said.

Kennelly went into further detail about the encounter with the ‘Lady in White’.

“I was working in the restaurant one day, and I saw a woman in a white gown through the mirror,” Kennelly said. “I go to check out the area that she was in and there was nobody up there. There wasn’t even a picture that would be able to reflect into the mirror, let alone what would fit the description that I saw.”

There were multiple steps taken in order to be featured in the upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters.

Kennelly went into more detail, describing how producers only picked a few employees and reached out before filming.

Kennelly said she did a facetime interview and talked to producers of the show before being asked to come in Monday to get started.

Kennelly will host a watch party for her episode at the Original Springs Hotel in Okawville.

Kennelly said she hopes the episode will bring more tourists to the area.

“I’m from a really small community, so I’m hoping that we get a little more tourists, more people coming to our town and learning about the history of the town,” she said. “It’s a very historical town. We have five or six different museums in the town even though it’s so small and not a lot of people know about it.”

“Ghost Hunters” aired on SYFY from Oct. 6, 2004 to Oct. 26, 2016. On June 26, it was announced that the series would be revived with a premiere date of Aug. 21 on A&E.

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