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    An unexplained spike in radiation was picked up across a number of European countries last month. While the radiation levels were nowhere near high en...

    One of the world's rarest snakes has been sighted again for the first time in more than six decades. When it comes to rare snakes, few are as elusive ...

    The space agency is due to announce its latest findings at a press conference on Wednesday morning. Back in May of last year, NASA revealed the discov...

    A peculiar prehistoric discovery has left scientists scratching their heads for more than five decades. Known as the Tully Monster after collector Fra...

    Scientists are planning to sail a research vessel to the Arctic so it can get stuck in the ice on purpose. For early Arctic explorers, becoming trappe...

    The move, if successful, could mean that our own solar system actually has more than 100 planets in it. In order for a body to be classed as a planet ...

    The private space firm has successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The success marks the first time that any commerc...

    Singleton Lynne Gollogly made the decision following years of failed attempts to find 'Mr Right'. The 39-year-old, who is from Rotherham, South Yorksh...

    Mars may not be the most obvious place to look for rings, but that could soon be set to change. Scientists have long postulated that over the course o...

    Efforts are underway in Iceland to find ways of turning the heat from volcanoes in to usable electricity. There is a lot of heat trapped beneath the s...

    - The Huffington Post News Team

    Well, that’s one way to scare up publicity. Two British athletes starring on a reality show are claiming that a sex ghost seems to be haunting their...

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    - Leslie Kean

    An exceptional nine-minute Navy video of a UFO displaying highly unusual behavior, studied by Chilean authorities for the last two years, is now being...

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    - Stafford Betty

    There is no need for the good man or woman to fear death. To regret it, yes. For there is so much that is yet to be done. But fear it? No. The great adventure of life will continue.

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    Los Angeles Lakers star Metta World Peace may have had good reason to feel spooked over the weekend: He claims ghosts touched him inappropriately. The...

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    I don’t wanna ruin your drunken stumble back to the rickety outhouse, chainsaw guy at this haunted house/backyard corn maze shriek-tacular, but that...

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    - The Lineup

    By Maria Pinheiro New Orleans is known for its ghosts. It’s known for its gaslamp-lit streets and the Spanish moss blowing eerily in the Southern br...

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    - Kim Treffinger

    I am finally certain beyond a reason of a doubt that there is much more to reality than we have any idea. And I look forward to seeing the developments in this area. This can change your world view, and who knows where that might lead.

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    - Stafford Betty

    The question for me is not why Millennials, and not just Millennials, are inclined to divorce religion from the afterlife, but whether this is good for religion. Will the latest research, all of it secular, be friend or foe?

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    - Inverse

    This article was originally posted on Inverse. By Yasmin Tayag "In a sense, we are absolutely the ghosts we are sensing," Giulio Rognini, Ph.D., a s...

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    - Mandy Jackson-Beverly

    Six weeks ago a book appeared multiple times on my Instagram feed. The last thing I needed was another book on my TBR (to be read) list, but due to th...

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    When you visit any Disney park, you're encouraged to suspend your normal beliefs about what's possible and enter a world of fantasy, magic, and illus...

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    - Kim Michele Richardson

    I'm thinking I don't know what to think other than this novel, I'm Thinking of Ending Things is a brilliant, well-constructed Hitchcockian tale with a huge creep factor that will leave you scheduling a manicure for wrecked nails.

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    - Anthony Mennella

    The Culter35 crew take a look around some haunted locations including a high school track and a restaurant bathroom. Do they find anything? Watch below to find out! Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen anything? Let us know in the comments!

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos If Bobby Brown wants to say he's had sex with a ghost, it's his prerogative. During his "20/20" interview...

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    - Seth Shostak

    In the three-way horse race to prove that biology is not just a terrestrial aberration, there's one steed that many people ignore: sampling the air of distant planets to see if they contain the exhaust gases of life, or in the jargon of astrobiologists, biosignatures.

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    - Seth Shostak

    Many people -- from scientists to sci-fi writers -- have ruminated on the possibility that Earth was long ago discovered by another society. After all, the planet's been sitting around for more than four billion years. If anyone has ever visited our world, it's possible they left a calling card.

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    Most people only need two seconds to figure out if a doll is creepy. The employees of one New York City website apparently need two weeks. From now un...

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    - Beth Bartlett

    In this age of selfies, it's tough to be the Loch Ness Monster. Show yourself to a few tourists, and they never get a good shot. Fortunately, someone did finally snap a picture of the elusive creature, it just happens to be a stunt double from the movies.

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    - The Conversation US

    What would it take to hide an entire planet? It sounds more like a question posed in an episode of "Star Trek" than in academic discourse, but sometimes the bleeding edge of science blurs with themes found in science fiction.

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    - Abesi Manyando

    "Destination America" is elevating this concept to another level with a brilliant new show premiering on April 15 featuring TV's first African-American paranormal investigation team.

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    - Alejandro Rojas

    A group of techies have turned to crowdsourcing in order to fund their idea of a UFO-hunting mini-satellite. After an unsuccessful run on the crowdsou...

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    - J. H. McKenna, Ph.D.

    It is another issue completely when someone draws a religion out of the whole UFO universe. But this was indeed done, beginning in the latter half of the 1900s.

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    - Jason Apuzzo

    In the early morning hours of February 25th, 1942, wartime Los Angeles flew into a panic as an ominous, saucer-like object flew over the city, touching off a massive anti-aircraft barrage. Despite the intense barrage, however, no aircraft wreckage was ever recovered.

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    Chinese authorities plan to evacuate 9,110 people from their homes to make way for what will be the world's largest radio telescope, China's state-own...

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    - The Huffington Post News Team

    Australian scientists say they've figured out why we've been unable to detect signs of alien life. And for those who dream of someday meeting up with ...

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    - UFO Stalker

    My friend and i were golfing at around 1:30 pm and a shiny bright orb high in the southwest sky caught my eye through my polarized sun glasses, no jet contrails were in the sky around it and the cloud cover was about 5 percent. as we were waiting to tee off i just kept watching this silver orb go up, down, sideways, make 90 degree turns. i would say it defied the laws of gravity and physics. i used to fly a lot, so i can say this occurred at least at the height a passenger jet flies at when at cruising altitude or higher. it would stop on a dime, take off, move up, speed up, move erratically like nothing i have ever seen in my life. i kept watching it for about 3 minutes and then it was lost as the reflectivity disappeared from it. i teed off but kept looking afterward, but nothing else was seen. this is the first time i have seen something like this, and if it was not for the unexplainable maneuverability i would have said maybe just a satellite or something. i have seen satellites track at night and this was not a satellite, because it stood still, moved, and did things impossibly for a satellite to do and still stay in a confined area to perform these maneuvers. unfortunately there are no cell phones on the course so no picture or video.

    - UFO Stalker

    4:45 pm, was travelling west on pa route 44,aka white hall road on that section between jerseytown and exchange. around the intersection of school house road,i noticed a bright ball in the sky to my right, high in the sky but level with the setting sun (one hour from sunset?) framed right if center in my windshield. the sun was ahead and to my left. the object looked like it was reflecting the sunlight, it was very bright in the clear sky. i watched while i drove and finally pulled over at a state game land parking area, at the intersection of ants hill road, hoping to get a picture. i was lower than the main road and trees were blocking the object, so no picture. i got back on 44. i lost the object briefly, not sure if it moved or my angle was bad, then it was visible again. i was looking for a safe place to pull over, but it's all farm land with ditches on the side of the road. lost object again, road was turning more sw and object was, presumably, behind me. pulled over at church next to public swimming pool in exchange, got out of vehicle. couldn't see object. at the intersection of rt. 44 and rt. 54, noticed multiple double exhaust trails in the sky to the se. i turned right onto west 54. pulled into the turbotville grocery store and got out again. i looked up and directly above me was a fighter plane giving off a double exhaust trail. it was high up but i could make out the wings and shape. had i originally seen this or another plane either head on or tail on so as to appear motionless? or was this plane over the store investigating something unknown in the sky? or was it merely a drone surveying farmland and i misjudged the distance? i don't know what i saw.

    - UFO Stalker

    I was at the lake taking pictures. when i looked at the picture i seen the orb by the time went to take another picture it was gone. at first i thought it could have been a son reflection. it was there 30 seconds later it was it. after further inspection of the picture i was very curious. i lost sight of the object when i was looking at my camera.

    - UFO Stalker

    Vers les 20.30hrs mon chien c'est mit a japper en regardant dehors,j'ai regardã© et je n'ai rien vu,alors j'ai sortie dehors avec mon chien a l'avant de la maison mais il y avait personne,en retournant vers l'arriere de la maison,j'ai levã© les yeux vers l'ouest pour regarder venus qui est tres brillante et c'est a se moment la que j'ai appercu l'objet en question,il avait une lumiere blanche au centre qui flachait et de chaque cote de cette lumiere il en avait plusieurs de couleurs,bleu,vert,jaune,oranger...J'ai entrã© dans la maison pour aller chercher mon cellulaire pour filmer l'objet mais ca n'a pas vraiment marcher,trop sombre,alors j'ai continuer de regarder l'objet et ca ressemblait beaucoup a ce que j'ai deja vu,(j'avait 14 ans et c'etait pres de la maison en hauteur nous ã©tions 11 personnes a l'avoir vu,meme ma mere l'a vu, nous l'avons regarder avec des jumelles et ont voyait tres bien la forme de l'objet qui ã©tait cylindrique(cigar)) )l'objet a continuer son chemin en ligne droite en direction de l'est et la je l'ai perdu de vu pres de la tour de communication,j'ã©tais content d'avoir vu l'objet ca me rappelait se que j'ai deja vu mais en plus petit parce qu'il ã©tait plus loin.J'ai communiquer avec un de mes amis qui lui aussi est un passionner d'ovni comme moi,et je lui est racontã© se que j'avait vu.Le lendemain il m'a racontã© que sur l'heure du midi en allant au travail vers la ville de causapscal(c'est vers l'est) il a vu 2 avions(jet)qui semblait patrouiller le secteur ou j'ai vu l'objet disparaitre. assez intriguant?? voila c'est mon histoire...

    - UFO Stalker

    Me & my friend were laying on the pool deck, i was focusing on a certain part of the sky, when objects appeared to materialize out of nowhere, almost as if they came straight down. i knew right away what they objects were when i first saw it. so as they all seemed to appear at once, we were focused on them, & a second smaller fleet appeared directly next to it. they were stationary until the second fleet appeared, then they appeared to hover n.W. while the small fleet stayed stationary. then they moved backwards to their original hovering position, the smaller fleet vanished, then they disappeared soon after. it lasted for about 5 to 6 minutes. i have a picture & video, although it may not be the best, it's still something, & maybe someone could enhance them.

    - UFO Stalker

    I was out for errands,heading south on hwy 249 from northpointe region. i was approaching the intersection of 249/frontage rd and spring-cypress rd when i noticed something black in the sky heading on a straight path to the north. i thought it was a traffic helicopter-they are over the highways often.The light had changed and traffic was starting to move..So i was unable to get a perfect view at that point. the object banked to the ne a bit,and that is when i realized it was not a helicopter; there was no tail or blades, just a round dark ball.I saw as it turned that it was a blue-green color also. i tried to keep an eye on it as i passed through the intersection, changed lanes to pull into the ross shopping center at that corner.By the time i got into the lot and parked,it was totally out of sight. (1) day was sunny, beautiful and mostly clear,some fluffy clouding here and there.Attaching photo i took from lowe's in tomball(not the actual location of sighting) to show the sky conditions. (2) checked weather and the winds were at 9mph and visibility 11 miles. (3) felt upset i was unable to get a photo or video of the object.

    - UFO Stalker

    I'll begin on a difficult note,i'm not 100% on the year.92,93,94..One of those for sure.I walked out to the road to wait for my school bus.Probably around 8-20 after 8.At the time i lived on a farm.There was a field across the road,beyond the field was trees and a hill that lead down to marshy ground,then eventually a cliff overlooking the ocean. the bus comes from the left side,i looked,and that morning the sun wasn't out.Seemed like it was gonna head for a nice day,i looked up the road to see if the bus was coming,i almost made the full head turn but something in the clouds caught my attention.Seen a orange ball breaking through the clouds.Automatic thought?. the sun is coming out,well that orange ball turned into 3,those 3 formed the shape of a triangle,and they held that shape while slowly rotating in a circle,they all joined back into 1,and slowly disappeared behind some clouds. i wish i could offer you more on my experience,but i'm not very educated. i can tell you,it wasn't far off,and it wasn't extremely high in the air. i lived at that time in a very very tiny community,like less than 900 people. on the back of the house of the family i lived with at the time was a huge marsh and further up is a huge mountain,with a small pond directly below it,still to this day i'm petrified of it. but i've never been able to get that place out of my head..Very creepy. as for the thing i seen,if someone could help me by telling me that what i saw was a natural phenomenon or something unique,i'd be greatful. thank you

    - UFO Stalker

    I was coming home from a basketball practice or game. the team i was playing for was called the agawam auto parts. the game was at agawam junior high school which has a winding road which leads up to it much like that of a snake. the game was over. i was sitting behind my father it was night time but there seem to be some light still in the sky but not much. i could see something strange over his shoulder meeting my father. then i saw the ufo approaching it was just shaped like a saucer. i was in shock or very surprised. instantaneously like a young child i thought to myself this is a ufo. been out the back seat passenger window it got very close and very clear i asked everybody in the car do you see that do you see that? it seemed like no one else could see it but i saw it plain as day. the lights blinking underneath the sauce it reminded me of the child's game simon i had gotten for christmas one year. it was slow-moving and it didn't make a sound it was it if time it stopped. our car seem to be moving very very slow. and the ufo seem to be moving very very very slow. it dropped an altitude and was very low maybe 25 feet off the ground at its lowest point. the change direction a little period slightly i washed it through the rear-view window of my father's impala going away from us over the school. i knew what i had saw. it's so vivid in my mind even 30 years later but it's as plain as day in my mind's eye and i knew my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. i think about it often but if cold almost literally nobody. and to this day i've always thought when people chalk that up to a government aircraft that this ufo made absolutely no sound it moves so deliberately and gracefully through the air as if it had command over all the laws of gravity and physics that this world has. it is so vivid in my mind i think of it so often and felt the need to share it with others

    - UFO Stalker

    Went outside to car at 20.50 approx. looked up to see a single blinding light approaching from north. no sound. approaching slowly. it hovered as though searching and turned a blood red colour. still hovering for several minutes then slowly moved to the east and just disappeared. i reported to police. enquired if police helicopter had been about. assuming the red was an infrared light? but no the police reopted their helicopter was not in the area ???

    - UFO Stalker

    My husband saw this hovering cloud formation that looks like a triangle ufo to us...He said there were 3 dark holes in the triangle and snow was coming out of one of the holes.

    - UFO Stalker

    We live in a rural area with a couple of acres of land and woods bordering the back yard. around 10:55 on the night of january 31, 2017, my fiance and i were home in bed talking when we heard an unfamiliar engine-like noise growing louder and louder as if on approach. the sound was not quite like a train, a plane, a helicoptor, or atv but all crossed my mind because the noise varied in its characteristics but always sounded like a motor. as the noise grew to something of a roar we simultaneously questioned what the heck it could be and looked toward the window. each of us saw 4 very large bright yellow lights - they were in a row, in the woods, about 120 feet from us. the lights were evenly spaced, spanning maybe 15 to 20 feet. i also think they were 10 to 20 feet off the ground. then, almost immediately the lights blinked off in sequence from our right to left. we both assumed the lights were mounted on some kind of vehicle or craft but neither of us saw anything other than the lights. as we contemplated what could possibly be out there in the woods (did a small plane come down? should we call someone?), the noise recurred giving us another moment of pause before bright white or yellow lights rapidly flew by the bedroom windows about 20 feet away and 10 to 15 feet off the ground. each time, the sound preceded the lights and ceased when the lights disappeared. we only moved here in the past month and do not know our neighbors so we have not asked if they heard/saw anything odd that night. i did have the opportunity to ask the nearby sheriff's office and the state police about it a few days later - both denied having had any calls/reports pertaining to the event. interestingly, our 2 dogs, both always ready to bark, did not stir at all.

    - UFO Stalker

    December 2016 my friend called me saying that he saw ufos flying near his house. naturally i was skeptical about his claim but i have known him for nearly 20 years and and in that time i have never known him to be a liar. he told me that these lights he has seen near his house where he has lived for the past five years always came across as headlights to a car. while hanging out by the fire pit one day he actually paid attention to these lights and saw that these lights move in ways that a car with headlights does not move. immediately assuming these were lights from an airplane, i asked him if he was sure they weren't airplanes. he told me that airplanes do not move in this matter. soon after this i ended up moving in with him, and within the first two days of being there i sat outside with him all night and (soberly) observed these lights. i have seen drones fly. i have seen helicopters and airplanes fly. i have never until then seen anything aside from an insect or humming bird fly in this manner. let alone a "machine" that lights up. these are ufos. i began to tell some friends and family about this and they all just assumed that i lost my mind. when i told my girlfriend about it she even called me crazy, but she gave me a chance to show her and her kids. when they came we began to flash these lights with a couple of high powered flashlights and they flashed back the same sequence. i see these ufos in the same area every single night. these are real ufos. i am not crazy. i do not wear foil hats and go crazy on a bunch of government conspiracies. i have not included pictures of these lights because it only looks like headlights in the distance on a "shaky hand" recording. if you would like me to actually record this and send it to you, i will. but without a quality camera with night vision (which i do not have) it will not show much.

    - UFO Stalker

    I let the dog outside and saw a light to the west. i thought it may be a reflection of the iss; however, it did not move. i watched it for a bit. recorded it on my phone. with airplanes in the scene. watched it some more. then went inside bc i was getting creeped out not being able to identify what it was.

    - UFO Stalker

    A trail cam (full light tech 12mp 1080p with a sandisc sdsdb 32gb sdhc class memory card)is set up in my garden to capture images of local wildlife. the video footage, which appears in the top centre of the screen was captured at 06:25:15 on the 21 february 2017 (not 20 february as the date on the camera shows and which was incorrectly set) shows a row of what appears to be eight lights travelling in a east to south easterly direction. i was not actually present at the time of the event. (i apologise for my cat in the foreground, nature called).

    - UFO Stalker

    Was hiking/camping in the mountains of southern utah near the small town of loa. unless it was raining i slept underneath the stars. one night while lying on my back looking up at the dusk sky i saw what i thought at first was a satellite. it was the size and shape of a star it moved slowly and steadily across the sky. then i noticed another satellite just like it heading straight towards the first one. it was as if these two satellites were playing chicken. the first satellite then stopped on a dime when they were at an apparent distance of 1 inch from each other and then, after hovering for a moment, it moved south east compared to where it was moving which was west or left across the sky. the other satellite continue to move right across the sky with the same speed it had since i first spotted it. i didn't know what to make of this. i couldn't explain it but it was very far away and i was tired so i didn't think about it. i can't remember if it was later that night or the next night but i woke up in the natural way people do to move and lie back down in a more comfortable position. i laid back down on my left side that is when i saw that the ground around me was glowing. the rocks ,the grass, and nearby trees were all emitting light somehow. it was like nothing i've ever seen before sense and in that moment the world seem to stop. the closest thing to it would be like someone shining a spotlight on the ground except there were no shadows and there was no glare. the ground itself was illuminated. then i looked up and saw it. a bright ball of light in the sky above me. as though it knew i had spotted it it immediately shrink back down to the size of a star. (or zoomed away i can't tell which) and then traveled left just like one of those satellites at a steady pace until it passed beyond the horizon. the strangest part of this experience was how calm i felt after seeing this i felt pleasant and optimistic at the fact that i know for sure ufos are a real phenomenon and i went back to sleep and didn't even think about it until three weeks later.

    - UFO Stalker

    Friends house went outside 8:30 p.M. by myself clear night out looked up in the sky.Noticed 3 lights moving in formation of a long triangle from east to west. in formation they changed direction like a z pattern lights did slow down above me changed colors from yellowish to white.3 lights never broke formation left in direction southwest slow to fast movements lost sight then.It has to be ufos is the only thought i had of what i saw.My feelings when i saw was come pick me up.My feelings after i saw them want the ufos to land to share technology were not alone!

    - UFO Stalker

    I got out of the van at my storage unit, closed the door while my wife and phone remained in the car and looked up to appreciate the stars and saw orion standing above me. i said, "oh, there's orion.", and stood there a few moments longer before i went inside. as i stood there star gazing, i noticed what appeared to me to be a shooting star, which i've seen a lot of meteor showers and know what one looks like. they're faster than any commercial or military jet you would see. while i was fixated on it and just waiting for it to fizzle out, i began thinking this is the longest shooting star i've ever seen before! as it got to about or just a little before it was directly overhead i noticed that it wasn't a shooting star. it also wasn't any other kind of aircraft, because like a shooting star it didn't come off of the horizon, it just appeared in the sky. this was actually two round/oval orbs of a peach/orange color, that were like streetlights in the fog in a clear nighttime sky with stars visible. it was almost holographic, or kinda reminded me of those lights used for advertising, but those have beams coming from the ground and these didn't. the other thing about them as they raced out of view was that they didn't move in a completely linear manner, they kinda bumped to the left and then back on course a few times. they were in tandem, and when the bumps to the left happened they both moved the same space apart.And then right back on course. it lasted no longer than 6-7 seconds before it left my view.

    - UFO Stalker

    I stepped outside on a beautiful and clear evening for a breath of fresh air, when i observed a very bright star in the west. shortly after that i saw a v formation of what appeared as independently illuminating and twinkling lights which quickly morphed in position and shape. the lights were asymmetrical in appearance. it was difficult to ascertain as to whether they were a single object or a group of independent objects flying in formation. i am an experienced observer of conventional aircraft, as i am an airline employee and have been interested in sky watching my entire life. i am not a star gazer, but merely know the difference between conventional aircraft, their lights and something entirely different and inexplicable, which this sighting certainly was. i immediately reached for my samsung galaxy 6 smart phone and snapped a quick photograph and then immediately began video recording in the horizontal plane. i continued to record the event until the lights simply vanished from my sight into the distance. the video itself backs my sighting. i am hopeful that mufon can enhance my video for clarification and possible identification. i was amazed that i had witnessed another unexplained aerial phenomenon. this was my second sighting within a 6 month duration over wichita kansas. i posted the pictures on facebook and asked if anyone else had witnessed the lights. none of my friends have come forward, but many were curious about my observation. refer to this youtube link: https://youtu.Be/xyczibjcl4k

    - UFO Stalker

    Hello estimated employees of mufon. first, i want to apologize for my not so good american english !!😦 beginning january this year ( 2017 ) - i was on the way to home with my car. with me, in my car, was my friend franz & gernot. during the drive, we spoke almost nothing. it was about 10:30 pm at the evening and completely dark ! then we drove a path that was very deserted and also secluded. without i having thought something, i looked up into the dark sky,all of a sudden i saw 3 very bright light objects that floated very slowly, turned in a kind of circle pattern and remained standing in the air !! totally impressed by the objects, we left the car and i tried with my phone to film these objects . except for the chirping of insects in the nearby forest and far-away cars, it was deathly silence !!! so the 3 light objects made absolutely no noise !! unfortunately i could this 3 pulsating light objects film very short, because i had little space on my phone. and my friend franz unfortunately has an older phone without a camera also gernots phone. i was filming these 3 objects about 40. seconds. after this 40 seconds filming, we watching these 3 objects about 3-4 minutes,before this objects then just disappeared. like turn off a light. actually, i'm skeptical about these things before, but after this scary event, i'm much more open to alien things/ufos/extraterrestrials and so on .... i hope that they perhaps can find out what it is/was. with kind regards manuel c.

    - UFO Stalker

    I was sitting on a park bank on the tabel then i felt like somting was waching me, so i turnd around and seen liths but there wos no schatto then nthe nex thing i remeber i was sittin on the park bank on the tabel and i turnd around agen and it was gone

    - UFO Stalker

    We spoke yesterday late afternoon. i don't believe i noted to you that although i was able to hear the airliner. the orbs made no sound at any time. with no verification, i know that this event is not that important, but i did want to add that bit of info.

    - UFO Stalker

    Went out for a cigarette at a 3 45 am on 2 19 2017 .When i saw 4 bright lights coming over trees in distance thought it was a plain.Then i realized it was going way to slow to be a plain went in and wokeup wife to come wittness. it was very low around 500 ft.When i relized how close it was and that i could not here any props or engine my heart was pounding enough for my wife to notice i was worried. did not here any noise till it was right over head. thats when i heard what sounded like a very quite air wooshing sound. thats when i could see it had no protruding wings just a black triangle shape. it was going east to west. i lived here my whole life we are about 2 miles from airport. this passed over air port to low and would have passed over run way the wrong way. ive never seen a plain use this flight path. this was moving way to slow to be a plain.It looked like a stealth bomber but way to slow and quiet. it had four white light 2 next to each other on the front point then one on each following point (wings). no colered lights at all and no flashing lights. sighting lasted about three minutes.

    - UFO Stalker

    It was summer 1972 i was 10 years old and 2 friends went for a walk to one of our regular play areas know as the hills.Which is a natural boarder between 2 housing estates. upon climbing the second hill i noticed large black object in the sky a dome shape with 2 cut outs at the bottom. it hovered over the housing estate then it dropped a large box or cylinder shaped object. i desided that 2 of us should run home and get a camera and/or a pair of binoculars but 1 of us should stay to keep an eye on it. when we returned the object had gone. i was frantically bombarding my friend with questions. what happened to it? where did it go? but he had a look of disbelief, like a rabbit caught in the head lights. he said " it just disappeared". but where to i asked. "it just vanished,one minute it was there and then it wasn't" was his reply. none of us was ever the same after that. the friend that ran home with me became a lesbian still acknowledges the sighting the friend that remained grew up as a normal hetrosexual man but denied the event ever took place. and i had a sex change and became a woman. this had stayed with me for 45 years. the 2 of us that ran home. neither of us recall ever running home or returning. i feel that it's possible that we were taken and my friend that remained on the hill was in a state of shock after seeing us being taken.

    - Craig Woolheater

    Commonly associated with the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot has been spotted across the country, and there is a long history of reported sightings in Wisconsin.

    - Craig Woolheater

    The team travels to Wisconsin for the first time on the heels of recent bigfoot activity, enlisting help from locals to investigate reports. They take the final night investigation to new heights as they are stalked by bigfoots in the dark.

    - Craig Woolheater

    Who can resist the smell of meats on an open flame? The gang is hoping to entice any nearby Bigfoots with a cookout after receiving tips from a local expert about some secret squatchy hotspots.

    - Lyle Blackburn

    This weekend is the 1st Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska

    - Craig Woolheater

    It’s one thing to play with the idea that Bigfoot “might” exist, it is a whole other to have not just one, but two of them drag your tent with you in it!

    - Craig Woolheater

    The team travels to Remer, Minnesota to investigate this small town's claim to be the "Home of Bigfoot." As evidence continues to mount, the team pursues an exciting hot-off-the-press lead on a sighting and a footprint on their final investigation.

    - Craig Woolheater

    The search for squatch brings the team to Southern California, where reports have been rampant. They zero in on the canyons of Deep Creek, enlisting the help of an L.A. local for a night investigation that yields proof that sasquatches live here.

    - Craig Woolheater

    A report comes in to the GCBRO of a terrifying Bigfoot encounter on the Dyess family’s 5,000-acre wooded farm in the swampy Sabine River area of southwest Louisiana. Family members have heard mysterious screaming at night and taken casts of huge, unidentified animal tracks found on the property.

    - Craig Woolheater

    Today on the Destination America network, there is a trio of Bigfoot documentaries airing.

    - Craig Woolheater

    The team take to the woods to find Bigfoot