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Nichols Inn To Be Featured On Travel Channel – WICZ

Nichols Inn To Be Featured On Travel Channel – WICZ


The Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols will be featured on an upcoming episode of the new Travel Channel show Hotel Paranormal. The show is narrated by Ghostbusters writer and star Dan Aykroyd and tells the ghost stories associated with hotels, inns, and hostels around the world. 

In 2019, the Fainting Goat Island Inn was ranked 2nd on USA Today’s Best Haunted Hotels list. Owners Marnie Streit and Bill Gamble bought the house on River Road in 2008 and worked to restore it. Originally built in the 1800s as a railway hotel, Streit and Gamble say the place comes with a lot of stories. Some of which are pretty strange. 

When Fox 40 visited the historic railway hotel back in October 2019, Streit and Gamble regaled some of the more unbelievable stories from guests… and their own experiences. 

The stories include moving suitcases, children laughing, a stained knife found in the ceiling, and unexplainable footsteps.

There is one room in particular where Streit says guests seem to leave with the most stories. Guests who have stayed in the Alpine Room have reported some downright strange happenings. Streit says some guests woke up to find quarters placed in a row at the foot of the bed.

Another family had a cot put in the room for their son, who reported hearing someone going up and down the stairs under his head all night. The problem? There are no stairs under that part of the floor. At least, not anymore. Gamble says when they were remodeling, he found the old stairwell, but the steps are no longer there. 

The Alpine Room is also where Streit and Gamble found a knife in the ceiling and stained clothing under a floorboard. 

Streit labels herself as a skeptic, saying she didn’t believe half the comments written in her guest books until she started experiencing it for herself. In fact, she says she really didn’t want the stories to get out at first, but she and Gamble have since embraced the inn’s reputation as a haunted house. 

The episode featuring the Fainting Goat Island Inn will air on September 5th at 11pm on the Travel Channel. 

To find out more about the inn’s history and haunting stories, check out our Legacy Landmarks special on the Fainting Goat Island Inn. 

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