Looking for a scare if you dare? Visit one of these 8 most haunted places in Pueblo – Pueblo Chieftain


Ghouls, ghosts, poltergeists, goblins and more are said to make their home in Pueblo.

From a handprint that mysteriously appears in a fire museum window to a house that is said to have hosted satanic rituals and animal sacrifices, to mysterious mists at the old Pueblo Honor Farm, the Steel City is home to many ghastly and spooky ghost stories.

Here is a look at 9 of Pueblo’s most haunted spots.

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Pueblo’s Honor Farm is one of the spookiest hangouts in the Steel City

The Colorado State Insane Asylum purchased a large portion of land that stretched from 11th to 13th streets near Pueblo Boulevard in 1879.

The land was meant to serve as a dairy farm where patients at the asylum could live and work.

The farm no longer stands, but the land it once inhabited is said to be one of Pueblo’s most haunted spots.

Urban legends state that a man sacrificed his nephew as part of a ritual on the land, which in turn caused it to be haunted.

An unexplained mist, voices, orbs and other unexplained phenomena have been reported by various Southern Colorado paranormal investigations.

Downtown Pueblo’s Goldust Saloon could be home to specters and apparitions

Beyond its beloved burgers and brews, the Golddust Saloon located at 217 S. Union Ave. is said to be one of Pueblo’s most haunted hangouts.

The Golddust opened up in 1984 at 130 S. Union Ave. In 1999, the restaurant was moved to 217 S. Union Ave. — where it stands today.