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Berry agrees with her, and refers to the fear-driven paranormal TV shows as “the old ways,” which he hopes the genre does not revert back to. He says he is proud of what the show has brought to the table in terms of TV and the paranormal community at large. And he sums up the accomplishments in one word: humanization.

“Ghosts can be scary when you don’t understand them, but the humanization of who we are talking to, and the realization they were just like us — are still just like us but in a different form — and how we react to that, and treat them, is the biggest thing we have done so far.” 

From Coffey’s perspective, he says even if the show ends, he’ll continue to work within the paranormal field. But Kindred has personally been enriching because of his relationships with Bruni and Berry, and because he believes the work with clients has made a positive impact.

“If I walked away from this show, I would walk away with my head held high, and a sense of immense pride that I got to work with two people I love and respect, and the work we did together made a difference,” he says before comparing the show with others in the genre. “I can’t think of a single case in seven seasons where a difference wasn’t made, and that’s not always the case.”

Coffey adds, “It makes me sad to think about the end, but if it did end, I would still feel whole that I got to do what I got to do with people who mean the world to me.”

However, Berry is quick to add, “But we have more to do.”

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