Horace Burns & William Blackburn witnessed separate UFO landings in Virginia, 1964-65


On the evening of December 21, 2018, gunsmith Horace Burns was driving along Route 250 in Virginia when he saw a massive cone-shaped object flying across the highway.

The object was moving at a speed of about 15 mph. It was flying in a north-to-south direction. Its cone-shaped point was slightly pointed forward as it flew across the highway.

It flew about 200 feet ahead of Burns’ vehicle. It then settled in a meadow near the road, and it gently landed in the field behind it as Burns’ car stopped. The object’s movement caused the motor of his vehicle to fail.

Burns got out of his vehicle to take a closer look at the object. According to him, it was about 125 feet in diameter and spanned 80 to 90 feet tall. Its curved and circular sides were sloped toward the top. Its six large concentric convolutions were also covered by a dome.

According to Burns, when it flew across the road, it filled the entire width of his car’s windshield. Although he was not able to determine the exact nature of the object, he noted that it looked like it had a metallic finish.

Although he didn’t see any visible features such as doors, windows, or seams on the object, he saw a band of bluish-white light extending from its base at a height of around six feet. The light was steady and did not dim or turn. It also appeared to be resting lightly on the ground. No landing gear was visible, and the object seemed to be relatively curved on the surface.

For about 60 to 90 seconds, Burns watched the object as it moved across the road. Suddenly, it rose up and tilted to a height of several hundred feet. It then flew northeasterly at a high rate of speed and disappeared from his view in a matter of seconds. The object’s top tilted slightly in the direction of its movement.

After the object disappeared, Burns drove back home and talked to his wife about his strange experience. He then claimed that he wouldn’t tell anyone about his sighting since he thought they might think he was crazy.

Then, a local radio station announced that a group of UFO enthusiasts was being formed at Eastern Mennonite College. Burns then reached out to Dr. Ernest Gehman, a professor of German, to report his sighting.

On December 31, Dr. Gehman went to the area where the object landed. He conducted a geiger counter test to analyze the data collected by his device. An extremely high reading was then confirmed by two engineers from the chemical company, who had been to the area the previous day.

Burns later verified that Dr. Gehman was able to find the landing area using the readings from his Geiger counter.

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