Ghosts of Morgan City is a brand-new series that will be premiering on Travel Channel, June 21 at 9 p.m. Join a team of paranormal investigators as they try to solve a series of disturbing hauntings in the bayou.

Ghosts of Morgan City is a companion series to Destination America’s Ghosts of Shepherdstown that ran on the network for two seasons. In the small Louisiana town of Morgan City, Chief James “Bo” Blair has an unusual problem. Residents are being plagued by a rash of inexplicable ghost sightings.

According to the Travel Channel press release, Blair hears about how the situation in Shepherdstown, West Virginia was handled so he decides to follow suit and hire local paranormal investigator, Jereme Leonard to get to the bottom of the spike in recent hauntings. Leonard partners with Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent and team leader on SyFy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files and psychic medium, Sarah Lemos.

All three of the experts attempt to understand why the activity is occurring in one of the hot spots of St. Mary’s Parish. At the behest of local law enforcement, the trio delve into the history of Morgan City as well as the superstitions and beliefs of the colorful townsfolk.

In the first episode, Jereme, Ben and Sarah confront a shapeshifting mist that may have something to do with the execution of the first woman in the state. They also deal with a plantation steeped in voodoo rituals and the specter of a little girl.

Will they find success? Or will there be more unanswered questions? Stay tuned…

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