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A Nottingham-based ghost hunting team has shared a terrifying spirit that appeared on one of their recent live stream events at Annesley Hall church ground. The team was sent a screenshot of the ghost after a fan spotted what they described as a spirit. The scary snap appears to show the face of a man clearly.

John Sixthsense (John Harris) is the organiser of the research team who visits some of Nottingham’s most haunted locations such as Sherwood forest and Colwick church ruins. John has worked in the paranormal industry for 22 years as a professional physic medium who travelled across the UK to do readings.

The ghost hunting team is around 17 people which includes 10 investigators and admin staff. The When Spirit Meets Science team also live-streams their experiences across social media, in particular on Facebook. They have thousands of loyal supernatural fan followers and their videos can rack up hundreds of comments and likes.

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The spirit was caught on camera by the where spirit meets science group
The spirit was caught on camera by the where spirit meets science group

The team visited Annesley Hall in Kirkby-in-Ashfield which is undergoing repairs and was established in the Mid-13th century. It was originally the home of the Annesley family before passing to the Chaworth family in the 15th century.

The hall suffered a fire in 1997 and again in 2015 which, coupled with years of neglect, has led to its current state. John said: “You can clearly see a spirit trying to communicate with us as his face and eyes were visible. We ask our viewers to send in screenshots if they see anything and this was very clear.

“It was a full apparition of a spirit called Nick. Our medium could see it but didn’t realise that everyone else could too. We had a lot of equipment activity at the same time.”

The team had not encountered Nick before but they said they had captured a second spirit at the Hall in previous visits. The other ghost sighting was believed to be Charles Chaworth-Musters, whose family owned the hall for around 500 years. Charles died after contracting malaria in Africa.

“Nick is someone who we don’t know much about but we have a lot of evidence when it comes to Charles. Sometimes, people can bring spirits with them when they visit these venues. We can investigate more but I think he travelled with me. I was serving out in Afghanistan in 2012 and I used to experiment with spirits while I was there, John said.”

He added: “He has been spotted in other locations so I think I brought him back with me. He is a bit of a negative spirit in that he affects everyone when he appears. He has stabbed a pen through my hand before and also made my nose bleed live on air. It is really rare you see anything that strong.”

“We had equipment going crazy, things were knocked over and we had team members feeling absolutely scared to death. They felt petrified.”

John has a long history with the paranormal and he says that the general public would be terrified by things that his team see when they are out. They have travelled all over the world looking for ghosts or paranormal experiences.

“You get used to it when you do it every day. Something that would scare someone who doesn’t do this, we would class a minor thing. It’s rare that we get scared ourselves but that was really bad.”

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