Ghost Doctors Ghost Hunt American Museum of Natural History


Join NYC’s own Ghost Doctors on a real ghost hunt (with true ghost hunting equipment) in the world famous American Museum of Natural History

Is the American Museum of Natural History haunted? As seen on network and cable television from coast to coast join NYC’s own Ghost Doctors (paranormal investigators and licensed tours guides) as they actually hunt for ghostly spirits in the world famous American Museum of Natural History. Visit million year old dinosaurs, haunting dioramas and timeless artifacts from civilizations long gone as the Ghost Doctors seek out ghostly spirits that have been associated with these treasured artifacts. This is not your typical “story telling” ghost tour – this is the real deal! Learn lore and legend as well as the use of authentic ghost hunting equipment as we explore this amazing New York landmark and don’t be surprised what shows up! For all information including ticket info, future dates and different ghost hunts go to our website: or call (347)502-7352.
We can also be reached by email at

Admission to the American Museum of Natural History is not included in this Ghost Hunt — The AMNH suggests a voluntary suggested admission of $22…the amount you pay is up to you.

Ghost Doctors
Event Website:
Date of Event:
Sunday, 29 December, 2019
Time of Event:
3:30 PM – 5:15 PM EST
Ticket Price:
American Museum of Natural History, 175-208 79th Street Central Park West, New York, NY 10024
City and State:
New York, NY

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