From ECETI Ranch to Pentagon – The Most intriguing UFO Cases & Hotspots (Coast to Coast AM)



Craig Campobasso, a filmmaker and UFO expert, discussed some of the most interesting cases and places where people have spotted the mysterious objects. One particular area is the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington. According to Campobasso, people have reported seeing multiple UFOs flying in the sky at night.

He also talked about the strange activity that occurred at the Bradshaw Ranch near the town of Sedona, Arizona. The area has been described as a portal for various creatures and entities. He also talked about the legend of an alien named Valiant Thor, who allegedly stayed in the Pentagon’s underground apartment during the 1950s.

He also talked about cases such as the Aurora, Texas, and the Shag Harbour Incident. During the show’s last half-hour, George interviewed Brad Steiger, a paranormal author and investigator.

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