Fascinating triangle UFO filmed over Cottageville, South Carolina 13-Oct-2022


Possible TR-3b (triangle UFO) was seen and filmed over Cottageville, a town in Colleton County, South Carolina on 13th October 2022.

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Witness report: It hovered in between the trees (it wasn’t in the trees though) and rose up like an elevator slowly then flew over our heads and house. I went outside the call the cat in, and saw a light between the trees-(object was past the trees)- I moved my head several times because it was just sitting there. I ran inside to get my husband and ran back out and it started ascending up (slowly like a rising elevator) husband took the shortest video because he said it was a plane-it absolutely was not. It was low and hovered before ascending! Then flew over our heads over our house. Was it a drone? I have no idea. It seemed bigger than that. It did make noise as it flew over but not as loud as a low “plane” would have been. I do not believe it to be a helicopter either. It did have a flashing red light underneath which made me think it wasn’t a UFO-but I couldn’t see the standard red, white, and blue lights of a plane. I am positive it was triangular in shape as it flew over the house-and then that was that. I asked the community on FB if anyone had seen it-got nothing in return.

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