David Adair on Secret SPACE TECHNOLOGY, Moon Anomalies, and ALIEN Engine at AREA 51


“Best Of” David Adair’s Secret Space Fairing Technology, Moon Anomalies, and Alien Engine at AREA 51 – Coast to Coast AM Archived Shows.

Adair is an expert on space technology spin-off applications for both commercial and industrial use. At the age of 11, he built hundreds of rockets, which he tested and flew. At 17, he received the highest award in the field of engineering sciences from the US Air Force. At 19, he developed a revolutionary mechanical system that helped the US Navy speed up the turnaround time of jet turbine engines.

He is a world-renowned presenter and workshop leader. His presentations are filled with anecdotes about his experiences with the space program and Area 51. He also discusses his involvement in various commercial technology developments.

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