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Jason Hawes - Founder
Jason Hawes
Grant Wilson - Co-Founder
Grant Wilson
Steve Gonsalves - Lead Investigator
Steve Gonsalves
Lead Investigator
Dave Tango - Tech Manager
Dave Tango
Tech Manager
Samantha Hawes - Investigator
Samantha Hawes
K.J. McCormick - Investigator
K.J. McCormick
Traci Boiselle - Investigator
Traci Boiselle
Team Lead RI
Joe Chin - Investigator
Joe Chin
Investigator RI
Tom Carroll - Investigator
Tom Carroll
Investigator RI
Ray Fiorini - Investigator RI
Ray Fiorini
Investigator RI
Jess Hardman - Investigator RI
Jess Hardman
Investigator RI
Geoff McGarrigle - Investigator RI
Geoff McGarrigle
Investigator RI
Rob Moccio - Investigator RI
Rob Moccio
Investigator RI
Steve Mills Investigator RI
Steve Mills
Investigator RI
Christine Downes - Investigator RI
Christine Downes
Investigator RI
Wellington Chin - Investigator RI
Wellington Chin
Investigator RI
 Cody DesBiens
Cody DesBiens
Investigator RI
Ken DeCosta - Investigator RI
Ken DeCosta
Investigator RI
Jason Steelman - Web Manager
Jason Steelman
Web Manager/Public Relations

TAPS Family Management

Kristen perkins- TAPS Family Manager
Kristen Perkins
TAPS Family Manager
Marie Cuff- TAPS Family Co-Manager
Marie Cuff
TAPS Family Co-Manager
Sherrie Curry- TAPS Family Recruitment USA
Sherrie Curry
TAPS Family Recruitment
Peter Renn- TAPS Family Recruitment Director
Peter Renn
TAPS Family Recruitment Director
Adrian Scalf- TAPS Family Liaison Central
Adrian Scalf
TAPS Family Liaison
Angela Artuso- North East Liaison/TFM Administrative Assistant
Angela Artuso
North East Liaison/TFM Administrative Assistant
Adam Cannon - Web Manager
Adam Cannon
Web Manager
Jason Porter- TAPS Family Liaison South
Jason Porter
TAPS Family Liaison
Dave Gibb- TAPS Family Liaison (<em>International</em>)
Dave Gibb
TAPS Family Liaison


Independant Researchers

Barry Fitzgerald- Independant Researcher
Barry Fitzgerald
Independant Researcher


TAPS promises to bring professionalism, personality, and confidentiality to each case we investigate. We understand that it is tough to call someone like us, and we respect your right to privacy.

We bring recording devices to your home to capture evidence of paranormal activity, but they are only used with the homeowner's permission. We will not share or publish any of the media or any details of the case outside of the close-knit TAPS group. More sensitive cases will be dealt with by the founders and be held under the most strict confidence.

We are not amateurs. We have had extensive experience. Part of what we have learned is the psychology of making someone feel comfortable during these times of fear and uncertainty. We will bring a levelheaded and comfortable atmosphere into your home, in essence, taking care of the most important thing, your discomfort. We will then help you to understand some of the nature of the problem supplying you with the information to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved. We will listen to your experiences and concerns. Then we will set up equipment and begin trying to recreate and debunk personal experiences in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity. We will then share our findings with you and come to a conclusion.

You are welcome to copies of any of the recorded media and our phones are open to you should you continue to need comfort or help.

We do this free of charge. We will not accept any money for this service whatsoever. Any expenses which may arise are covered by the team.

Remember, though we like to have fun, we understand the fear and the seriousness of your situation. We are after all, normal people. Heck, I don't think we even watch Star Trek. ha ha ha.

So, if you are having trouble dealing with paranormal influences in your life, contact TAPS, and we will commit to do our very best to help you.

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Welcome to The Atlantic Paranormal Society

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). TAPS was founded in 1990 by Jason Hawes with the sole purpose of helping those experiencing paranormal activity by investigating its claims in a professional and confidential manner, and using the latest in paranormal research equipment and techniques. TAPS brings decades of experience in investigating with its pioneering equipment and techniques that has changed the field of paranormal investigating.

Please use any of the above links to find info on TAPS. If you need help, please click the "Request Help" link or use the TAPS Family Website Help Form to locate a particular TAPS Family team to assist you.


TAPS, Television, your Home/Business

The Atlantic Paranormal Society strives daily to educate, develop, and help the public in understanding what goes bump in the night.

With the help of Pilgrim films & SyFy"TAPS" has been able to bring there knowledge and professionalism not just to their clients, but to the homes of millions of viewers.

TAPS receives THOUSANDS of case requests daily and over 90,000,000 hits annually, They are only able to get to a handful of those request personaly year by year. If you would like to have your home/business televised on an episode of Ghosthunters please click the icon below and fill out the form in complete detail.

Ghost hunters


The TAPS Family is a global resource list of elite paranormal research teams that are ready to help! Hand-chosen by TAPS Family staff, these teams meet a strong set of requirements that meet the expectations of TAPS and the TAPS Family. Find out more by locating a TAPS Family team near you!


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