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While recently chatting with PEOPLE, the Real Housewives of New York City alumna spoke about ghostly visitors that she believes roam the halls of her historic Berkshires, Massachusetts, estate.

“I think that if you are a good person, you will have good spirits in your life, and I think if you’re a negative or a bad person, that attracts negative spirits,” Medley said. “Because I’ve suffered loss, I believe that people don’t go away, they just transform into different energy. So I definitely think there’s all kinds of good energy, blessed energy in this house.”

Noting that she has “never once” felt “frightened” while living in her home, Medley continues, “Have I felt, like, the presence of [my late husband] Richard or the presence of maybe, you know, someone that I think loves me, a guard? … Yes.”

“Last night I actually was like, ‘God, I kind of feel this guardian angel thing going on.’ But that makes me happy,” she adds. “Wouldn’t it be sad if we just thought, this was it? You know?”

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