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“I thought I was going to see why people believe what they do but I didn’t find the answer,” he said. “But I found that people want to believe.”

One thing he did learn was that there is a large community of people around the world who also are trying to figure out the answer to his question.

“I didn’t realize there was a whole community of people who spent a lot of their time focused on this,” he said. “Each person connected me to another person. I was so surprised there are so many people trying to figure out what things we legitimately don’t know about paranormal.”

Since the release of the documentary, Annas has been asked by the film’s distributor, 1091 Pictures, to complete a trilogy which he is considering. A possibility for a second film would be to follow a single family for a year.

In the end, Annas said, he made the film “to reflect the people in it … to let the truth of each person interviewed without changing it to my perspective. My hope is that everyone in the film feels I was as truthful as possible.”

“There’s No Such Thing as Ghosts” can be be streamed on Amazon Prime. It is available to rent on Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, Vimeo and Microsoft.

For info on the documentary, visit ghostdocfilm.com.

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