Bring Batteries – By Grant Wilson


Bring Batteries!!

Well, this is a simple subject that still needs to be addressed.

Ask any experienced ghost hunter what you should bring on a ghost hunt and the first thing they’ll tell you is… “Pants”

Then, they’ll say “Batteries, always bring extra batteries”. Now most people would be thinking “Shouldn’t I be bringing those guns from Ghosbusters or something?” Well, actually, the most practical thing is extra batteries (and of course whatever the item is that you are going to be using the batteries in.)

You’re probably asking why EXTRA batteries? Well, something interesting tends to happen when you’re chasing spooks…

You see, these ghosts take a lot of energy to manifest themselves either through sight, sound or touch. They can’t make this energy, they need to gather it from somewhere in order to get your attention. So, why not target your convenently packaged power cells? And that’s exactly what they do. In fact, after an intense night of hunting you’ll tend to feel that even your very self is drained and extremely tired. This is due to the energy those ghosties have been pulling out of YOU all night long.

So, usually it’s dark, and you’ll be RELYING on that flashlight, right? Well, if you would like to see, then bring extra batteries. And if you plan on documenting any proof, your camera is instantly worthless as soon as the batteries run dry.

So, don’t get cocky, just carry an extra set with you, because chances are, they WILL RUN OUT

-Grant (TAPS)