Bigfoot Adventure Weekends 2020


Join Alan and Jesse for their last Squatching adventure in Ohio!
Don’t miss this amazing family fun weekend in the great outdoors, right in the middle of Ohio’s Squatchiest forest!
Come for the adventure, the camping, the fun, and the night hikes, and of course lookin’ for Bigfoot!
And to spend time with Alan and Jesse on their last hosting in Ohio of BAW!

Bigfoot Adventure Weekends
Event Website:
Date of Event:
Friday, 5 June, 2020
Time of Event:
Jun 5 at 2 PM – Jun 7 at 5 PM EDT
Ticket Price:
$60 Kids – $140 Adults
Salt Fork State Park, 14755 Cadiz Rd, Lore City, Ohio 43755
City and State:
Lore City, Ohio

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