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Many of us are fans of fictional horror, some even claim to have real-life paranormal encounters. In order to revive all ghostly memories and believes, author and financial influencer Ankur Warikoo took to Twitter asking social media users if they believe in ghosts or spirits. And that tweet invited a host of spooky replies and reactions in the comment section.

While some users agreed and shared their experiences, others refused to believe that ghosts exist and shared their opinions.

A user wrote that taking a nap right after meditation is not a good idea. “I never believed in ghosts until one day I sat for my morning meditation. I meditated for 25 minutes, then I decided to take a nap. One must never take a nap right after meditation. They may appear in your dream, which honestly doesn’t feel like a dream,” the tweet read.

Another user tweeted, “Never. Life wouldn’t have been the same if they ever existed. Someone can enforce ghost to beat opponents, be it in elections, exams, sports and in every walk of life where there is competition. Similarly, spirits would have saved the world from tsunami, Covid etc. Hence, never.”

A user named Anuj firmly said that even if spirits exist, he has so far experienced nothing paranormal in his life.  “I’m not sure. I sat in cemetry at midnight, lived alone in a haunted guest house, visited popular haunted places, but they just refuse to meet me. Even horror movies fail to scare me.Will society accept me?,” his tweet read.

Annkur P Agarwal shared ghostly experience which was shared by Ankur Warikoo himself back in 2020 in reply to the tweet. The author’s past experience was seeing a 15-year-old boy going without sleep and food for 4 days.

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